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The Birth of Venus Necklace 維納斯的項鍊

NT$ 2,280.00
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Venus, known as the representation of love and beauty, is newly-born from a giant shell. With the joint efforts of Flora and Zephyr, Venus slowly lands towards the land.

  • Sterling Silver or 18K Gold Plated Sterling Silver
  • Freshwater Pearls
  • Choker: 36cm

象徵愛情與美麗的羅馬神話女神Venus(Aphrodite) 於大海的泡沫中誕生,隨著貝殼緩緩升起。 右側的花神Flora(Hora of Spring) 為她披上錦衣,左側的風神Zephyr抱著Chloris一同在她左側吹著微風,緩緩送她至岸邊。

  • 純銀 / 純銀厚鍍18K金
  • 淡水珍珠、OT扣
  • 頸鍊:36cm

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