PHOELIA創立於2018年夏暑,位在台北的飾品設計獨立工作室 ,品牌名字源自於古希臘文 -philia,象徵喜愛與友愛,結合設計師的名字 Phoebe。
作品的靈感來自大自然、文學及藝術作品,旅遊的大小故事也常淬煉出新系列。腦海中的想像,透過金屬呈現,打造日常的藝術品。耳環使用回收金屬黃銅, 純銀, 純14K/18K金,或是黃銅 / 純銀厚鍍18K金,使用蠟雕與金工技巧,純手工焊接製作而成,結合金屬及複合媒材(珍珠、寶石等),注入不同於市面的獨特性。



#About Us

PHOELIA is a contemporary jewelry label from Taiwan. 
The brand name is derived from an ancient Greek word for love, -philia, and is combined with designer’s name, Phoebe. Our collections are inspired by forms and patterns in nature, travel encounters, random imagination, literary works, then translated and objectified into metal, creating a wild yet elegant look for you. We truly invite you to dance with these wild pieces.:) Every PHOELIA’s piece is being intricately and artfully designed, handcrafted, carved, sculpted, hand-hammered into organic shapes at our studio. Items are made of brass, sterling silver, 14k/18k gold, and some are 18k gold plated brass or sterling silver. Combinations of metals and natural gems are available in some items. They are durable, easy to clean, and can be passed on as heirloom jewelry with proper care.