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Organic Silver Band 有機純銀手環

NT$ 1,880.00
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  • Sterling Silver or 18K Gold Plated Sterling Silver
  • Customize lengths, please let us know in your order.
  • Please note that this is a bangle without opening.

How to measure your wrist length:

1. Prepare an inextensible paper string.

2. Make a pinch posture. Use paper string to circle around the widest part of your hand, tape the string fixed, and mark the overlapped.

3. Measure the entire length of the marking.

4. Double check your wrist length.

*For instance, if the estimated length is 17cm, PHOELIA will make you a 5.5cm diameter bangle.

  • 純銀 / 純銀厚鍍18K金
  • 客製化手圍,請備註於訂單。
  • 請注意此商品是無開口的手環,就像戴玉手環一樣。


1. 請剪一條無彈性的紙條。
2. 比出「捏取一撮東西」的手勢,紙條的一側使用膠帶固定在手圍最粗一處,拉緊繞一整圈後,在紙條交疊處畫記號,攤平後會有兩個記號點,拿尺測量出來的總長即是總長度。
3. 建議測量至少兩次,以提高準確度。